Monday, November 18, 2013

Hands On with Samsung Galaxy Gear

My Passion For Technology
From a young age I was a fan of technology. My dad owned a Software company and I begged him to bring me to work with him. Every couple weeks, he would allow me to tag along with him for the day. He had a room full of old computers that were either broken or outdated. I spent hours in the room playing around on the computers. I enjoyed taking apart the broken computers and studying the hardware.

When I was 16 I got my first cell phone. It was a black Nokia with the addicting game Snake. I was immediately hooked on my cell phone and became a huge fan of gadgets. Today, I'm a fan of all technology. I love Apple, Microsoft, Android, Blackberry and all the other tech companies. I have promised myself that I would never become loyal to just one company. I believe that actually hurts innovation. When I'm ready to buy a new product, I buy the best available product for my needs. As of today, I use a Macbook Pro, Microsoft Surface 2 and a Samsung Note 3. I love each of the devices for different reasons. Do I think the Apple iPhone is a good device? Yes! But I don't feel like it does everything I want from a phone. I owned an iPad, and was happy with it, but it ended there. It was a fun toy. But for actually getting stuff done, it wasn't worth the money. I felt the surface could do what the iPad could do, and much more, for a cheaper price. These devices are the best fit for what I need, but everyone is different.

Hands On with Samsung Galaxy Gear

I had the opportunity to try the Galaxy Gear for a couple days. Being a fan of technology and innovation, I am very excited about smart watches. I do feel like they have great potential in our daily lives, especially for people that are always on the go.

When I first saw that watch, I was very impressed. Samsung was able to create a smart watch that was professional, hip and comfortable. With a watch this expensive, it needs to be fashionably acceptable for just about every occasion. Samsung was able to do this perfectly. But enough about the looks! Lets get to the most important part...

The watch does not require a data connection. The watch connects to the phone using bluetooth.

My biggest Gear complaint is the lack of apps, but I'm sure this will change overtime. The question is; how long until developers decide smart watches are here to stay, and worth the time it requires to develop an app? Until there are more apps, the smart watch is not worth the cost, in my opinion. Until there are more apps, this watch is overpriced.

Other Smart Watches

There are other smart watch options available. Below are my top 5 smart watches:

5. Sony Smartwatch - The Sony Smartwatch will connect to Android phones only.
4. Cookoo Smartwatch - The phone has a very popular look, but the OS feels a lot like a beta.
3. Martian Smartwatch - Looks very business or professional.
2. i'm Watch - Very modern looking. OS feels very unpolished.
1. Pebble Smartwatch - Although the Pebble Smartwatch is still very unpolished, it's the best option available today.

Apple Smartwatch

Many claim that Apple is the king of innovation. I don't feel like Apple is the "king" of innovation, but are no doubt one of the top 3 in the world in creating innovating products. Apple isn't rushing to release a smartwatch. They realize a lot of these smartwatches that are getting released are unpolished and have a lot of glitches. My guess is Apple is working on a smartwatch, but won't release it until they feel it's near perfect.

While all these other tech companies are rushing out smartwatches before the holiday season, Apple will be waiting. Watching and reading the reviews. I'm guessing an Apple smartwatch will be available late 2014.

Smartphones for Smart Watches

My current phone is a Samsung Note 3. The same people that say it's too big, are the same people that have never used it before. After using the Note 3 for a couple days, the Note felt like a normal sized phone. Everything else felt small, including my iPhone 5. The Note 3 and smart watch is a great combination. Because the of the Note size, having a watch to know when you have notifications and incoming calls is a big help.

I like the idea of having a smartphone and smart watch that are made by the same brand running the same operating system. I'm sure this helps when trying to sync apps and connecting the two devices together. It's also a good idea to have both devices use the same charger type.

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